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Millefiori honey


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The name itself says it is honey produced from several flowers. It is one of the most common and widespread honey, with a delicate flavor. Perfect for those who need to purify the body with a stimulating function, it helps to appease the cough by being an excellent natural antibacterial, rich in minerals and antioxidants. It is recommended for growing children and regenerating the elderly.

COLOUR: amber yellow with dark shades.

CRYSTALLIZATION: tends to crystallize quickly with a fine and pleasant crystal.

SMELL: intense, where the typical notes of chamomile, valerian, and dandelion stand out.

TASTE: sweet, fruity, and floral, sometimes with a slight bitter astringent aftertaste. The flavor can change according to the harvest season.

HOW TO USE: on cheeses such as parmesan, with walnuts, in hot milk, and herbal teas, a special ingredient for biscuits and desserts.

FUN FACT:  there are 2 varieties of millefiori:

1) clear and transparent, delicate, sweet, and less intense.

2) dark and amber, with a stronger flavor vaguely similar to honeydew honey.

It is recommended to nourish skin and hair, promotes the healing of burns and wounds, and is also excellent for natural masks and wraps.