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Heather honey


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With a particular fresh and caramelized scent, rich in mineral salts, it crystallizes quickly, heather honey has antiseptic virtues for the urinary and respiratory tract. It also has toning properties and fights anemia.

COLOUR: caramel color tending towards amber, it has reddish hues when liquid.

CRYSTALLIZATION: easy, becoming a fine and compact paste.

SMELL: penetrating, characteristic of the flower, with notes of caramel and chamomile.

TASTE: caramel, toffee, delicate with an excellent aftertaste of chamomile and licorice.

HOW TO USE: excellent on seasoned and spicy cheeses, herbal teas and hot milk.

FUN FACT: the availability of heather honey is not always guaranteed because it is the first honey that bees produce and is mainly a food intended for their nourishment after the winter cold.