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decoction Cilentano (Grandma Anna Maria’s recipe)


format: 30g, tin container, the product inside is sealed in a special bag suitable for food.

ingredients:  dried figs, licorice root, wild fennel, carob.

gluten-free, vegan.

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Ancient remedy handed down from mother to mother for all ailments, in times when there were no doctors and pharmacies it was the simplest and most affordable remedy for all families, prepared with ingredients offered free of charge from our Cilento hills from which all women knew their properties, the recipe for our decoction comes from our great-grandmother Anna Maria who, in addition to being delicious, is miraculous, excellent even cold or with the addition of our honey.

what is for:  relieves abdominal tension, helps aid digestion, relieves headaches, and fights colds and coughs. Even cold it is an excellent refreshing and digestive.

how to prepare it: boil 2 teaspoons of decoction in abundant water for 5 / 10 minutes and leave it to infuse for a few minutes and filter, or if you want a less strong and sweet taste, leave 2 teaspoons of decoction to infuse in a cup of water boiling for about 4 minutes and filter.

We recommend 2/3 cups a day, also excellent for children from two years onwards.