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Forest honey


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Forest honey or commonly called honeydew honey is a honey that tends to remain liquid for a long time and has a caramelized, malted flavor with a sweet degree less strong than nectar honey, although it lacks the bitter note.

COLOUR: Very dark with light red/brown undertones.

CRYSTALLIZATION: liquid, generally does not crystallize.

SMELL: medium intensity, vegetal, fruity, and caramelized. Opening the jar, you can smell green tomato jam and very cooked jam. Definitely devoid of flower aromas that characterize most of the other honey, it also recalls musk and tobacco.

TASTE: velvety, silky, and tenacious that is not found in other honey, a less sweet taste that leaves an aftertaste of carob and licorice root on the palate. Not too sweet, sometimes salty, with a taste of malt, cooked vegetables, dried prunes, and cane sugar.

HOW TO USE: It is a particular honey, suitable for sweetening milk and dairy products, resistant to cooking, excellent on fresh and semi-mature cheeses, and suitable in bitter herbal teas and tea.

CURIOSITY: It is the only honey that does not derive from the nectar of flowers, but from the sugary secretion emitted by insects such as scale insects and aphids that suck the sap of trees. Recent research reports that is honey particularly rich in antioxidants.