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Diced candied orange marmalade


Weight: 210 g.

Ingredients: orange peel, sugar

Vegan, gluten free, does not contain preservatives and allergens.

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Diced candied orange marmalade

Natural candied orange peels, produced in the Cantina Lamadè meticulously cut with a knife, with a sweet and persistent taste typical of freshly picked oranges.

WE RECOMMEND IT to be eaten as they are, on bread or to garnish homemade desserts such as pastiera or Sicilian cassata, as a garnish on ice cream. Excellent on fresh, semi-mature and seasoned cheeses.


Nutritional table on 100g of product

energy 1291kj / 304kcal

carbohydrates 75g

of which sugars 6g

fibers 2.0g