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Extra Virgin Olive Oil


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The best-known quality olive tree in Cilento is the Pisciotta, present in almost the entire lower Cilento area, majestic, it can reach 15 to 18 m in height with a majestic and thick crown.

The oil has a straw yellow color tending towards light green due to the presence of anthocyanins and antioxidants. It has recently been demonstrated that our oil has vitamin E in quantities three times higher than other cultivars.

It is a superior category of extra virgin olive oil, as it takes only a few hours from the harvest to the milling.

On the palate, it has balanced bitterness and pungency, with hints of almond and apple with an aftertaste of artichoke, fresh and persistent.

Perfect for the Cilento recipe of Melenzane e Alici Inchiappate.